BLOXSORT - Block Sorter

BloxSort block sorter is a unique five-level tool designed especially for sorting Lego blocks, but also suitable for other play blocks. Easy to use for children of all ages - simply pour the blocks onto the top level and shake the sorter. Then, blocks are sorted through holes of different sizes and are organized on each level according to their size. This is an excellent solution for organizing Lego blocks and rediscovering small lost pieces.

BloxSort - klotside sorteerija

Sorted Lego blocks

Imagine a world where your child’s tiniest Lego blocks are never lost again! Imagine their piles of Legos instantly neat and organized. The BloxSort block sorter is precisely the miracle tool you need!

How to use the block sorter?

BloxSort is a toy block sorting tool, specifically designed for sorting Lego blocks, but it’s also suitable for sorting other types of blocks. It's extremely easy to use, accessible for children of all ages.

The sorter boasts a unique design, consisting of five layers with holes of varying sizes. Using it is straightforward: simply pour your blocks onto the top layer, shake the sorter, and watch as blocks of different sizes fall through the layers, eventually settling on each layer according to size.

BloxSort - klotside sorteerija

BloxSort block sorter

As a result, your Lego blocks are organized and sorted, making the building process much smoother. Additionally, it's a fantastic way to rediscover those small pieces that have been long lost but are essential for creating masterpieces.

BloxSort block sorter is truly every Lego enthusiast's dream! Want it for your kids? Contact us at and let us know. Your children's building adventures are about to become much easier and more enjoyable, thanks to BloxSort!

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